(SF/SM Only)

​Bay Area Cursillo News
(formerly the B.A.R.B. Wire)
  Patrick Andersen
  (415) 242-1604

Archdiocese of San Francisco
  Fr. Marty Mager
  (650) 387-4070

Episcopal Diocese of California
  Deacon Vince Jang
  (415) 722-9099

Filipino Community
  Bro Mario Santos      
  (510) 459-6683

Marin Community
  Marlene Farber
  (415) 461-1119

Spanish Community
  Rosa Flores
  (650) 994-0362

Kairos Outside
  Laura Darcy
  (650) 589-1106

Kairos at San Quentin

St. Benedict's - Deaf Community
  Carolyn Cooper
  (415) 567-9855

Fourth Day First Presentations:
Jacque Grillo (415) 609-9942

Songbooks - (SF/SM Teams: ask Secretariat Treasurer)

Songs and Creations - WordOnly, LyriChord & Tune
  Digital Impressions produces the songbooks which are purchased in bulk by the SF/SM Secretariat

Clown Ministry

Lani Borges
  (510) 461-1895


Cursillo Links

Pass It On!
Application to Experience Cursillo
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Application to Serve on a Cursillo
Application for Secretariat Membership

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Group Reunion Guidelines
Pass It On (Stewardship)
Application to Lead a Cursillo
Team Commissioning Script
Stone Soup Story & Recipe
Application to Attend Leadership Workshop
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Stations of the Cross Links
10 Commandments of Rollo Preparation

Glossary of Cursillo Terms
Group Reunion Card
Standard Team Roster Template
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Standard Team Roster Description
(in MS Word)

Green highlighted areas can be personalized to your team

MOSSAF Manual/Clean Up (2018)

4th Day Packet

4th Day Groups List

"De Colores" translation and explanation

Agape Celebration (I Bring Bread)

Agape Celebration (A Short Service)

Cooks Sample Shopping List

Expense Reimbursement Form

Emergency Medical Information

Meal Planning Sheet

Mime Script

Rollo and Meditation Guidelines
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Sample Rollos

Sponsor's Booklet

Praying the Prayer Vigil

Sponsor's Checklist
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Candidate's Checklist
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Cursillo Trifold Brochure
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Leadership Workshop Manual
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On-Line Application to Serve on a Cursillo
Internet Reference List
4th Day Groups
Secretariat Bylaws - Updated 3/2016