By entering “stations of the cross” into my browser, I discovered over 36,000 sites.  Here are a few that you can take a look at.  If you don’t find what you need, go browsing and see what awaits you in cyberspace. 
(PS:  You have to enter the string of words in the “ “ or it will look for each word and you will end up with a lot of garbage.  Enjoy!

Stations of the Cross -- A Scriptural Version
by Albert Judy, O.P.

Praying Church

Catholic On-Line

Catholic Webatorium

Catholic Forum - St. Joseph's Software

The Passionist Missionaries

Carol's Daily Walk

Slow Bleed
The Stations of the Cross Reinterpreted

Bible Coloring Pages

Sacred Heart

Catholic Information Network

Creighton University

The M+G+R Foundation