San Francisco/San Mateo Cursillo Secretariat

The San Francisco/San Mateo Cursillo Secretariat meets the second Tuesday of every month (except July and August).

Beginning in the fall of 2017, the group will meet at 
SEA Episcopal Church's southern location - 
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church 
(1600 Santa Lucia Blvd, San Bruno CA; near the City Park) 
at 7:30 p.m. downstairs.

There may discussions on alternate meeting locations, 
so come and visit to share your thoughts about the movement! 

All Cursillistas are welcome!


Darold Gonzales- Chair

Kevin Kain - Vice-Chair/Liaison:
General Sec't/BARB

Jim Morgan    AND
            Dean Atkinson 
   Co- Vice Chair/Development

Sandy Kain - Treasurer

Anna Gonzales - Secretary

Bob Bullard
Brian Kring
Diane FitzGibbon
Isabel Vera
Jenise Dormann
JJ Fahey
Papa Joe Klecha
Kathi Sparkes
Kay Filak
Ray Mena
Tom Poeschl Jr.

Fr. Marty Mager
Deacon Vince Jang