San Francisco/San Mateo Cursillo Secretariat

The San Francisco/San Mateo Cursillo Secretariat meets the second Tuesday of every month (except July and August).
Currently, the Secretariat and R/R Support groups meet on the peninsula in the odd months and
 in the east bay in the even months.

January, March, May, September & November:
we meet at SEA Episcopal Church's southern location - 
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church 
(1600 Santa Lucia Blvd, San Bruno CA; near the City Park) 
at 7:15pm. downstairs in St. Margaret's Room.

February, April, June, October, & December:
we meet at All Saints Episcopal Church
(911 Dowling Blvd, San Leandro) 
at 7:15pm in the Parish Fellowship Hall.

Rector/a Support meetings begin at 6:30pm.

All Cursillistas are welcome!


Darold Gonzales- Chair

Tom Poeschl Jr. - Vice-Chair / Liaison: Gen. Secretariat / BARB

Dean Atkinson Vice Chair / Rector/a Development

Mary Wright - Treasurer

Isabel Vera- Secretary

Lani Borges
Bob Bullard
Diane FitzGibbon
Anna Gonzales
Jorge Molina
Papa Joe Klecha
Ray Mena
Jack Pastor
Lani Borges
Debra Porzio

Fr. Marty Mager
Deacon Vince Jang

Our Purpose:

SF/SM Secretariat is a unifying body for our Cursillo community and we are servants for the Kingdom of God; to love, to serve, to encourage and support, to bring the Good News to all, as the Body of Christ.

Our Mission Statement:

To actively identify, develop and support Rectors and Rectoras in leading Cursillo experiences, while continually praying, loving, supporting, serving and being a resource for their Teams, as we strive to strengthen and build up our Cursillo movement for many others to be blessed beyond measure to receive the infinite blessing and gift from God of Cursillo! 

~SF/SM Secretariat Body, Adopted December 2017