Sponsoring a candidate for Cursillo can be one of the most joyful experiences in your life, an experience you can repeat over and over again.  The decision to invite someone you know to experience Cursillo is a decision that carries certain responsibilities.  The role of the sponsor is significant, not only for the candidate, but also for the Cursillo movement and 4th day.

Sponsoring a candidate simply means being there.  Yes there is the issue of the application and getting them to the facility, but many sponsors don't drive.  They simply arrange for someone to take them, get a cab, etc.  The cost of the weekend is not always paid for by the sponsor either.  There are scholarships available or you might get someone else to co-sponsor with you.

One thing all sponsors must do is attend the sponsor's workshop.  This is a requirement before you will be allowed to officially sponsor a candidate for Cursillo.

The sponsor's workshop is designed to share the collective positive experiences of successful sponsorship by outlining, ina a one hour meeting, what you need to do to support your candidate before, during and after the Cursillo weekend.

So, who should attend a Sponsor's workshop?  Anyone interested in sponsoring a candidate for the first time must attend a workshop prior to taking on the responsibility. If it's been a while since you've sponsored, you might also benefit from attending a refresher workshop.  The workshop leaders share ideas about the current facility and can pass on tips for helping to support your candidate throughout their Cursillo experience.

Workshops can be arranged by appointment and will also be held during the teams' scheduled Ultreya.

To learn more, or request a workshop, e-mail us using the form below.

Please don't forget that you are also required to attend a sponsors' meeting, usually about a week before the Cursillo weekend so that you can meet the table leaders and they can get information about your candidate.  This is usually a 2 hour meeting, held in the evening.