Dear Community,

As we hope you know, we have officially formed the 'Friends of SFSM Cursillo,' a new nonprofit organization dedicated to help with funding the local Secretariat's activities, including team scholarships and facility expenses.

At the moment, we are specifically seeking a Treasurer/CFO willing to commit to the monthly tasks and quarterly meetings of the new nonprofit. This volunteer does not need to be a CPA, but does need to be a Cursillista, have some bookkeeping skills/experience, and a willingness to help grow this organization for the benefit of our community.

Please, we need your support. We hope you will prayerfully search your heart, listening closely for God’s call to share your time and talents. Or perhaps you can think of someone who might not be on this list and you could share this message.

To learn more about what’s going on, please reach out to and we will get you connected.

De Colores & God Bless!
Treasurer Needed