Entry - foyer of Mission House Bldg
Square Patio space
Main Chapel Space/Mission House 
Sample bedroom BEFORE CASA beds added;

Bedrooms/Bath/Showers on 2nd and 3rd floors
Upstairs bathroom
Upstairs Showers
​One HALF of the 2nd Floor Library Space
Large Rollo / Dining Combo
Dining Rm Half (pull the accordion doors to split space)
Lounge Room (Palanca Room         for some; Mini Chapel for others)
Kitchen...two ovens...two stoves...two fridges
Fr. O'Brien w/Don B. Pass-through view
Extra counter/storage/sink     and fridge
​Pantry shelves and freezer
<< Lounge entry
Upper Chapel (in the older property space)
​Large side space
Stairs to lofted ^ balcony >>>